There's no such thing as a dumb question


wHAT DID YOU DO BEFORE letsgetlexi?

I worked at a company called IGN, which is a news outlet for video games and all things nerdy. I was a production coordinator/host there and loved every minute of it.  I grew professionally and creatively, I met some of my closest friends there, and it's also where I met my husband. It will always hold a special place in my heart. 


Yes!  I play my video games like I watch my TV shows. I binge them. Some call me an extremist, but I call myself an enthusiast. When I find a game I like, I go all in. You probably won't hear from me for a couple of days and if I'm really lucky you won't hear from me for a couple of weeks!!! Some of my favorites are: Smash Bros., Kingdom Rush, Cities: Skyline, Civilization, Overcooked, and Mario Odyssey - just to name a few!

How did you pick the name letsgetlexi?

My maiden name was Cozombolidis, need I say more? 

What Inspires you?

Pineapples and Oprah. What a question?! This is a super loaded question because a lot of things inspire me. To keep it simple though, it's doing things that make me feel good. When I feel good, I'm just a better human and I want to encourage people to do more of what makes them feel good.  


What is your ethnicity?

A Greek-a-rican, some like to call me. My dad is Greek and my mom is Puerto Rican. 

What are some things you do for fuN?

I love going to the movies, reading, going to new restaurants, cooking, hiking, playing video games, binge watching TV shows, hanging out with friends, and of course my favorite pastime, traveling. I've lived in both Spain and Australia, and have traveled around most of Europe. I hope to go to London at the end of this year.


I met Hunter at IGN. He was coming in to promote the video game MLB The Show.  We met and hit it off right away. He asked me on a date for that night and after much, much, much convincing, I finally said yes. Then we lived #HappilyEverPence - yes, I'm that corny! 

Did you know anything about baseball before hunter? 

I didn't. I've learned that baseball is like an onion, there are a ton of layers, it makes you cry, but when done right, it's delicious. 

Where do you live?

We live in San Francisco during the baseball season and Houston during the off season.