Our Halloween Costumes

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday! It also happens to be my husbands, too, which means… couple costumes! We love Halloween so much that every year we go BIG. We don’t just think of costumes, but we think of personalities and appearances that we resemble. It’s a chance for us to be more playful, childlike, and be creative in decorations and costumes. Our first halloween together we actually didn’t dress up, for good reason though. We were really busy that Halloween doing something much different with orange and black.


Our second halloween together, we went as the Wet Bandits from Home Alone. Hunter is constantly told he looks like Marv (yes, we read your #HunterPenceSigns), so we played right into it. I wasn’t thrilled about being a Joe Pecci look alike, but you have to do what you have to do all for the sake of the Halloween spirit. Stylebee assisted us with the makeup to make sure we looked as close as possible to the real characters. You can check out the video here.


Our next costume we never really publicized, it was the time we went as the wine and cheese. I can’t believe I am even sharing this! We were desperate for costumes and Uber at the time had “uber costumes” so I ordered a costume and this is what we got. When they arrived we didn’t know what the costume was going to be. I immediately regretted calling dibs on being the wine bottle. I saw how cute and comfortable Hunter looked as the cheese, you can clearly see in my face how much I regretted that. I had a hard time handing out candy that year.


The following year we really put a name for ourselves as Halloween costume experts. Hunter actually came up with the idea to dress as Napoleon and Pedro. We had no idea the amount of attention it was going to get. We again styled ourselves as characters we identified with. We even went an extra step and filmed a video. We just have a lot of fun dressing up and acting goofy. This was one of my favorite costumes we did together, again, with the help of Stylebee.


Last year, Hunter and I went as the TV show classic… Lurch and Cousin It from The Addams Family. With our significant height difference it was a duo Hunter and I couldn’t pass up. I knew Hunter could really pull off Lurch. With his height and lanky-like figure, I just knew it would be an easy transformation. I wouldn’t say my physical characteristics are exactly like Cousin It, but I do like being the comedic relief of our Halloween costumes and I guess we’re both vertically similar. Enter the insanely long wig…


That brings us to present day 2018. We get the chance this year for TWO Halloween costumes and we are so excited about this. Our first one, this was like a dream come true for us, we’ve always wanted to dress up as a wizard and a sorceress. The good kind, of course. We had the honor of being Grand Marshall’s for the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival parade in mid October. Naturally we had to go all out. How often are you a Grand Marshall of a Pumpkin Festival?! Our magic captured the city as we rode on a float surrounded with clouds, stars, and smoke * ahem * dry ice escaping the town to another world.


Now what will we be for actual Halloween this year? Time will tell, but I promise it’s good and you won’t want to miss out! Check our socials on October 31st for the annual release of the Pence’s Halloween costume!