How to Throw an EPIC Game of Thrones Party


Hold the door!

Game of Thrones is FINALLY back and if you’re as excited as I am you are going to want to throw a party. The night is long and I’m sure the first episode back will be full of terrors so lets throw a party even the Lannisters would be proud of.

Let’s start with invitations:


These were super easy to make. I downloaded the Game of Thrones font and used old english wording to really set the mood for my guests. I printed this out on regular white printer paper. They have some amazing parchment papers, but I was feeling super crafty that afternoon. After I printed them out, I stained the paper with some coffee. I tried both tea and coffee, but found that coffee gave me the coloring I wanted. Here’s an exact tutorial on how to stain. While the paper was wet, I tore the edges. It made it a lot easier for precision. To quickly dry the paper, I stuck it in the oven for a couple of minutes and that seem to darken the edges. When the paper was dry, I rolled it up into a scroll tied it with some twine and put on the seal with real candle wax. It was really fun to use the stamper, but if I were to do it again I would use faux wax seals. It’s not only easier for you but also for your guests to open the invitation. Then I stuck a black feather in it so it really felt like it came by raven.

The Feast:

The food display was a big chunk of my decor. I used a lot of wooden cutting boards for the food platters. I also used moss for a table runner, dried wood, candles, and copper bowls. I had a fur rug that I put on a bench with some fake plastic swords I got from amazon. For food, I kept it simple with meats, cheeses, rotisserie chicken, grape leaves, and dried fruit.

Tears of Lys:


Tears of Lys is the poison that killed King Joffrey. I had it for people to take on their way out. To make it look like the real thing, I took purple rock candy and put them in vials. As if you found them in your Maesters quarters. They were quite the hit!

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