How To Self-Care

Baths, netflix, massages...

Treat yo' self! I love this whole new age of "Self-care". Spending time with yourself, getting to know yourself, and just taking a moment to breathe. Seriously, take a breath...*Inhaaaaaaale, and now exhaaaaaaaale*.  I already feel better. 

I know I don't allow my physical body to catch up with my mind because my mind is always going. I can feel when my body gets tired, but my brain is a little bit trickier. I mean, can you blame me?!?! I have so much amazing information readily accessible at my fingertips. How lucky are we?! So of course I'm trying to take everything I can in. I'd be a fool not to!  I literally google every question that I don't know the answer to. The sad part is sometimes I google the same question within the same week. Why? Because my brain isn't retaining it. It needs a break as well. So self-care isn't just for the physical, it's also for the mental. Our whole human experience needs a break. Time for yourself to stay sane in this crazy life. We can't constantly be going full speed. It's time sit back, relax and find time for YOU.