Easy Hubby Approved Dinner

Cooking for Hunter…

isn’t easy. He eats SO much. I’m always afraid he won’t be full! But he’s always my best critic which is why I love prepping new meals for him before sharing with you guys. This time around I went for it and I’m taking you guys along with me! I’m whipping up my mom’s Crispy Lemon Chicken recipe and like Hunter said, it’s the moneymaker! This video focuses more on the side dishes a classic greek salad and fried artichoke hearts using an Air Fryer. Bon Appétit

Greek Salad Ingredients

Tomatoes- cut in forths

Cucumbers- cut in fourths

Onions- chopped

Kalamata olive spread

Crumbled Feta cheese


Olive Oil



Prep all the vegetables and combine in a bowl. Mix well and chill before serving.

Fried Artichoke Heart Ingredients

Frozen artichoke hearts

Olive Oil


Goya Adobo

Parmesan Cheese



Coat artichoke hearts with olive oil and Goya. Add into Air Fryer. Once done, coat with parmesan cheese.

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