GUIDE: Best Coffee Shops In Phoenix

But first, Coffee…

Whether you’re headed to Arizona for spring training, fun, or work you’re going to want to know where all the good specialty coffee shops are. I’m aware there are Starbucks at every corner, but there’s something about a specialty coffee shop that not only makes your coffee special but it helps you get a feel for the city. The ambiance, the hospitality, the quality of the coffee and food! They don’t call it specialty for nothing.

Cartel Coffee Lab is one of mine and Hunter’s favorite shops in Scottsdale for cold brew coffee. If you get a chance to stop by there you have to try it! It’s actually won awards by the SCAA. We introduced so many players to it, if you go early enough you’ll see a bunch of them in line on their way to the field. Just be sure to let them know Hunter and Lexi sent you.

Futuro Coffee is in Downtown Phoenix. It’s a coffee shop, art gallery, and a hair salon all in one place. This is definitely a must try! The coffee is excellent, the design is very clean and very futuristic, and they are incredibly hospitable.

Four till Four is such a fun place to check out. The owner is really into classic cars and good coffee. It’s a great indoor/outdoor space and located right in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale. If you’re into cars, you’re going to want to check this place out.

First Place Coffee is a coffee truck. You heard that right, a coffee truck. You have to locate them on their Instagram every morning to figure out exactly where they are. I know that sounds like a pain, but they stick to the same locations throughout the week. So it’s not that bad. The main reason to go to this truck is for their seasonal drinks. We had one called “The Diablo” and it was SO good. My favorite specialty drink till this day.

I can’t wait to check out a couple more shops while I’m in Arizona this spring training. Stay tuned for more reviews on even more coffee shops. If you want more Arizona coffee shops, check out all my reviews here.

Okay, byeeeeeeeeee!